Electric Privacy Glass – Supply & Installation

At PJanes we can supply and fit Electric Smart Glass in your offices, glass extensions, windows, hospitals, gym and swimming pool areas.

Electric Smart Glass is a modern and futuristic solution for glass partitions that can change instantly from clear to frosted at the flick of a switch giving you instant privacy and eliminating the need for blinds or manifestations.

We supply and install Electric Privacy Glass – Instant transparency for your office

Electric Smart Glass is made up of a sandwich of two pieces of glass with a liquid crystal interlayer laminated between them. When a very small electrical current is passed through this LC interlayer, it instantly switches the glass from clear to opaque. All electronics and wiring are completely hidden from view so all you can see is the panels switching from clear to private.

  • ITV Studios

  • En- suite

  • Residential Bifold Doors in privacy glass

  • The Dorchester - London

How Electric Smart Glass works …

Smart Glass Animation Electronic Switchable Glass



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